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December 2011 -Tillis Statement on Rep. David Guice appointment as Director of Community Corrections for the new Department of Public Safety. (Read More)

July 2011 -Ohio and North Carolina Enact Laws Using Justice Reinvestment Strategies (Read More)

April 2011 -Legislators plan to cut prison costs by bolstering probation system (Read More)

Representative Guice is interviewed by WRAL in Raleigh regarding issues facing the Department of Correction (Read More)

I am honored and humbled to represent you, the people of District 113, in the North Carolina House of Representatives. I came to this chamber in early 2009 with the hope to make a true difference for the people of this district and all people throughout North Carolina. I believe that as elected officials we are here for a solemn purpose—to make better the lives of all North Carolinians.

My friends we face great challenges in our state today. There are those who are unemployed, those who live in poverty, those who struggle to receive a good education and we must have a government that is responsible and responsive to the needs of the people. I know that by working together we can once again create a government, from the ground up, that meets the needs of all of our people.

As elected officials we owe the people of North Carolina better. We must end the culture of corruption that has dominated our state government for far too long. We must begin to put the needs of the people above the needs of special interest groups and government officials. We must create a government that is effective and efficient. Our budgetary decisions must be based on priorities. It is important to support our educational system, strengthen our justice and public safety systems, recruit and retain jobs, protect the most vulnerable of our population, children and older adults, and work to make progress on issues such as mental health, healthcare and the environment.

There is much work ahead of us and the journey will most certainly not be easy; however, the people of North Carolina deserve better. As elected officials we must be willing to make the difficult decisions, streamlining government operations where we can and always placing the needs of our people first! We can no longer afford to perpetuate a government that does not work for the people.

I hope that you will join me on this journey. I cannot do it alone. Only history will be the true judge of this process and of our action. We owe the people of North Carolina better.

Warmest personal regards,
W. David Guice